Welcome to Pick a Side! Choose which side dish goes best with the main course - and have judges decide how good your decision was! Find each main course and what goes with what.. and what doesn't, to unlock them in your book. There is a total of 13 mains and 25 sides for you to discover!

Made in less than 72 hours for the GeoJam2022!

Thank you to all my amazing teammates, credits are in the game.


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Deleted 313 days ago

Thanks! There is a book in the top right that after you have discovered a main, a good combo, or a bad combo, it will display the food and its name. 


53 high score

its a great game L like how you made the judges geomatric shapes

one more thing you could've done is show every dish's name because its being hard to know which dish it was

overall a nice game

Thanks! After you have found a main dish or a really good/bad combo you can use the book in the top right to look at the dishes and what goes with what.